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Breakthrough with Your SMILE!!

I believe everyone will experience a "life is hard" moment, somewhere in this journey of life. The question is, how do you choose to navigate through it? Some people give up before making, others throw in the towel with opposition shows up and then there are those of us that continues to press through despite the pain. I am definitely not insinuating that we are stronger or unbothered. No, quite the opposite. I am stressing that; we all have the opportunity to choose our path.

I once read a quote that says, "It's hard being broke and It's hard being rich, choose your hard". Makes sense, right? Yeah, very much so. So why not breakthrough your place of frustration with a smile. Smiling, because although thing may be hard right now, the end results that we're choosing to produce will be a reward that you will never forget! Come on, let me see you smile.

Emerging Victory,

Coach Chiquita Clark

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